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Service Bus Options

The ServiceBusOptions represents the initial options that the ServiceBus will use to configure the relevant components.

The options are specified in the ServiceBusBuilder when adding the service bus to the IServiceCollection:

var configuration = 
    new ConfigurationBuilder()

services.AddServiceBus(builder => 
    // default values
    builder.Options.Asynchronous = false;
    builder.Options.CreatePhysicalQueues = true;
    builder.Options.CacheIdentity = true;
    builder.Options.AddMessageHandlers = true;
    builder.Options.RemoveMessagesNotHandled = false;
    builder.Options.RemoveCorruptMessages = false;
    builder.Options.EncryptionAlgorithm = string.Empty;
    builder.Options.CompressionAlgorithm = string.Empty;
    // or bind from configuration

The default JSON settings structure is as follows:

  "Shuttle": {
    "ServiceBus": {
      "CreatePhysicalQueues": true,
      "CacheIdentity": true,
      "AddMessageHandlers": true,
      "RemoveMessagesNotHandled": true,
      "RemoveCorruptMessages": true,
      "CompressionAlgorithm": "GZip",
      "EncryptionAlgorithm": "3DES",


AsynchronousfalseDetermines whether message handler and background processing will be performned asynchronously.
AddMessageHandlerstrueIf true, will call the AddMessageHandlers method on the ServiceBusBuilder implementation for all assemblies in the current domain; else only the handlers in Shuttle.Esb are registered.
CacheIdentitytrueDetermines whether or not to re-use the identity returned by the IIdentityProvider.
CreateQueuestrueThe endpoint will attempt to create all queues.
RemoveMessagesNotHandledfalseIndicates whether messages received on the endpoint that have no message handler should simply be removed (ignored). If this attribute is true the message will simply be acknowledged; else the message will immmediately be placed in the error queue.
RemoveCorruptMessagesfalseA message is corrupt when the TransportMessage retrieved from the queue cannot be deserialized. If false (default) the service bus processed will be killed. If true the messae will be Acknowledged with no processing.
CompressionAlgorithmempty (no compression)The name of the compression algorithm to use during message serialization.
EncryptionAlgorithmempty (no encryption)The name of the encryption algorithm to use during message serialization.

The IIdentityProvider implementation is responsible for honouring the cacheIdentity attribute.